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Knowing that the suitable adaptation to the market is a real need, Mocite understands that the only way to fully satisfy its clients depends on how quick and accurate the answer is given. This way, in order to shorten the distance that separates its clients from the major supplying markets of raw materials and equipments, and consequently from the Technical Support that is mostly located in Europe, Mocite presents also a set of solutions for:


 Preparation and planning of Joint-ventures;

 Assistance and juridical consultancy;

 Technical Support to management and production;

 Professional Training;

 Support for trading process;

 Turnkey projects;

 Diagnosis Assignments. 


 Preparation and revision of the technical specifications of each client;

 Preparation, negotiation and elaboration of documents and contractual conditions;

 Preparation of the procedures referring to supply, human resources and local and international support;

 Evaluation of the financing sources and preparation of the corresponding documents;

 Management and control of funding with the goal of making procurement programs.