This project’s goal is to create necessary and suitable conditions to strengthen Technical skills and to strengthen our presence in the Global market.

This way, investment will endorse the following aspects:

These are mostly promoting actions and direct contact in the African markets: Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau and Senegal.

Trading and Marketing
Marketing plan
Creation of an interactive exihibition space, which is a showroom to introduce solutions, creating or reproducing environments adapted to the client and mitigate some difficulties in storing many samples.

Development and Products, Services and Processes Engineering
Introduction of informatics’ systems to support creation and development of new solutions (Design and Programming tools)

Creation, Fashion and Design
Design, Creation, Development and Trade mark 

Digital Economy, Organization and Management, and Information and Communication Technologies
Investment in informatics’ systems, mostly under informatics’ management point of view, as an important element for client, team management and running projects support. We also want to reduce processes duplication, giving flexibility to our activity and allowing to a bigger integration and proximity to clients and suppliers. Associated to this investment we predict an implementation of a integrated strategic management system – Balanced Scoredcard.

Social Responsibility, Security and Health at Work
Introduction of improvements in hygiene, security and health in work by ergonomic furniture, intrusion system and a more functional lay-out that can improve everyone’s conditions, specially to ones that work there. This way, we would be able to offer better working conditions.

Relating to the intervention in Social Responsibility and in Security and Health at Work we will introduce eco-efficient technologies: low power light system and a shadow system with blinds.


Increase business volume

Increase answer capability and market anticipation

Increase product variety

Protection of products brand

Strengthen ways and quality of communication and products/solutions disclosure

Improve attendance quality and solutions disclosure

Increase Company’s reputation

Risk Variety:

Business – 64% concentration in Angola market

Client – concentrated business, small number of customers

Competition – minimize the exposure of Company’s growing in the field by direct presence in the target market.

Improvement of management control

Significant increase of administrative work productivity

Improve Working Conditions

Reduction of administrative costs 

Competitive Factors Operational Program
Encourage system of Qualification and Internationalization of PME

Global investment:  398.683,38€ 
Eligible investment: 307.021,90€
Non-refundable investment: 138.683,38€

2008-07-01 a 2010-06-30

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